Get to know your talents

Get to know your talents

Whenever I think about human talents and passions I always wonder what the World would look like if everyone could develop their talents and passions. It seems impossible or even idealistic. I am sure that people would then be happy, joyful nad fulfilled. The Earth would became Heaven… Theoretically speaking, it is possible because everyone is born with at least one special gift or talent. It can be special predispositions to do something, specific natural born skills or even talents, which can be clearly defined and noticed. In reality it is not always so clear. Very seldom is a person in touch with their talents or is not aware of them. Why is it so?

poznaj swoje talenyThe very talented people very often do not realise the treasures they posses since they have always been that way. They got used to this situation and treat is as something natural and ordinary. They simply do their stuff and feel ok with it. Sometimes they treat their talent as one of their hobbys, sometimes they make extra money on it and sometimes they treat their talent as something that gives them pleasure.  On other occasions,  some people spend a lot of time and work really hard to make their talent manifest in the best possible way.  But good news is that nowadays there is more and more people who are aware of their talents and use them in accordance with their true needs.

The thing is that  a real talent does not require any work,  it just exists and manifestes itself whether we want it or not. It is something which is so strong  and natural that it simply exists. It will show or surface whenever there is a space for it to do so. The only thing that it may need is the direction towards which it should process.  All we need to do is to do things that are natural to us, that bring us joy and happiness and that require no effort. That way a human being can express him/herself and feel good about it. It is the simplest way to contact your natural talents which can transform into life passion at some point.

In other words, our talents are sort of tools to fulfill our passions. Also, we can join several talents into one passion. Sometimes we can simply start with development of our hobby, and gradually, step by step, it will become our biggest passion. Everything I am writing about right now is very changeable and in different moments of our life it may look differently. Throughout the lifetime a human can experience several passions. There are times when they focus on one passion and its development, later leave it and take up another one, and next take up the old one again or never come back to it.  We can always combine all the passions together if we find the right formula for their coexistence in our life.

What is most important, it is to discover how unique we are and also that time passes and the chance we receive today can never return. That’s why we should use our talents wisely and with awareness, we should express ourselves by fulfilling our passions and it is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the World.

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