Professional burnout

Professional burnout

Nowadays, when people live in stress and in a hurry having little time for themselves and their families, it is estimated that every second or every third professionally active person suffers or is very prone to suffer from the professional burnout syndrome.

Burnout appears when the dissonance between professional and personal life occurs. Such state may occur because of various reasons. What is really important,  is to quickly notice the signals which inform about the burnout and look for their cause.  Certain dysfunctions may appear both on mental and physical levels. It can be constant fatigue which will not go away despite rest or numerous vegetative symptoms. Very often it is the lack of the  joy of life, avoiding contacts with people, apathy, fears.

On the professional level, it is the lack of satisfaction from work, smaller involvement, lesser efficiency. Such state is often ignored, explained in different ways or taken as something normal. If such state lasts for a long time  it may even result in depression and/or different illnesses.

We should remember, though, that the right state of a human is when he or she is balanced, healthy, able to feel joy and happiness and love themselves and  others. Mental and physical wellbeing is our standard, the quality which is present everyday and should be treated as something normal and natural. When a human lives in mental and physical balance he or she can quickly notice disturbances in their state of balance.
It is always a good time to look closely at our life and observe what is good in it and also honestly say what is harmful and should be changed in it. We need to be able to recognise in which zone there is a lack of balance. We should look at the professional side of our life, and, if there are any disturbances, we need to look for their cause and make a decision what should be done about them.

We can help ourselves but also we can look for a person who will support us and gives our life certain direction. Such a person can be someone close to us, someone whom we trust, or someone who can provide professional advice and solution which is the best in a given situation. Unfortunately, we do not always have enough courage to take such a challenge.

People are not always aware of their true needs and live a substitute of life which has little in common with a real living. Only when the so called ”substitutes” are no longer satisfying people begin to wonder about the real essence of life. Sadly, it is frequently too late to change or experience things. This is a kind of a life paradox.

Dalailama, when asked what surprises him most in the humanity, answered:
„A human. Because he or she devotes their health to earn money, and then devotes their money to regain health. Apart from that, they are so anxious about their future that they are not happy with the present. As a result, they live neither in the present nor in the future, they live as if they were not bound to die. And then they die, having not lived for real.”

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