One month ago I completed 4 – day Conselling Package led by Dana Brzuzan and hence I would like to share my impressions. Dana’s attitude and approach are novatory and individual.  

Because during last a dozen or so years I have been working as a director or a manager in big companies, I have had numerous opportunities to take part in effective and interesting trainings. This had not saved me from neither professional burnout nor routine and so called battle fatigue. The 4 days spent with Dana within the Conselling Package showed me totally different view on many issues. I received effective techniques to work over my self development and keep my life in harmony and peace. Dana’s approach is very individual which can be characterized as soft and elastic, which is, I must admit, very efficient. I recommend.  

Sincerely,  Marian Pietkiewicz 

Before meeting with Dana my opinion about coaching was not positive – I thought that only medication can help me and other methods are only waste of time. But only after first two sessions I realised (or rather – it was Dana who made me realise) how wrong I was and how much I was hurting myself when closing to methods of work with body. Dana is extremely friendly person, full of warmth, she is very trustworthy and it is easy to open up while working with her. She suggested simple but very effective exercises which help me relieve and eliminate stress. After meetings with her I feel full of positive energy and ready to act even more intensely.

 Thank you, Aleksandra


Dear Madame,

I was a little sceptical about your offer to lead the educational workshops and counselling for the Medyk Medical Centre. After the workshops addressed to the patients with diabetes, renal insufficiency and patients waiting for transplants I received many positive and favourable opinions both from the patients and the doctors. You help realize certain problems and provide the solutions about which people tend to forget in everyday life. Patients and their families were leaving the meeting being significantly uplifted. I would like to thank you on behalf of the patients. I hope to cooperate with you during further educational workshops in Rzeszow and other places.


Stanisław Mazur  internist, cardiologist, head director of CM Medyk



Great classes! One of the kind…! I sincerely recommend 🙂 Body work session is good not only to strengthen your body but also to get in touch with yourself, your emotions and your health 🙂  .  And things that happen afterwards it is just sheer magic! :-)Ania



I would like to thank you for the personal growth workshops. Thanks to them I strengthened my self confidence. I got to know my strong and weak points. At the moment I am exploring new horizons both in personal and professional life. Thanks to our cooperation I believed in myself and started fulfilling my dreams. I started with changing my job and it worked out. I recommend personal growth workshops to anyone who wants to experience something interesting. Thank you.



When I was going to the first meeting with Dana I was full of feal and lacked self confidence. My life was taking a turning point back then. After the first session I felt much more calm and enriched by the new knowledge that I could practice at home. And the work with the body was so pleasant. Later came the massages and naturally, the acceptance of my body. I could say much more. It is good now. Barbara