Face to face with relaxation…

Face to face with relaxation…

Relaxation is a general term for all activities which give us the feeling of both physical and mental wellbeing and also give us the harmony and balance. Every person within they own abilities can deal with stress and anxiety on everyday basis.

Our knowledge within this realm can always be broadened to allow us live in harmony and balance and have a joyful and pleasant life.

dziewczyna słucha muzykiThere are many ways to achieve everyday relaxation thanks to which we can reach inner calmness, mental and emotional balance, possess the body without tensions and health. At the beginning it requires discipline and control but soon it will become a positive habit. Eventually, it will become our lifestyle, something natural and normal.

There are many factors which influence our relation with stress: whether we live with it or whether we have distance to difficult situations in our life depends on us.

There are factors which define our abilities to cope with everyday problems, influence our wellbeing and give us energy for every day.

These factors, among others, are:

  • positive thinking
  • the ability to approach difficult situations without fear
  • the knowledge of breathing and relaxation  techniques
  • the habit of everyday relaxation
  • the practice of the natural quality in life, namely joy
  • the practice of movement as a natural need, which can have numerous forms : dance, walking, running, and other forms of exercises

Also, the integrity of thoughts, words and actions allows us to reach the state of balance and harmony.

Trivia :
The word relaxation comes from the Latin word relaxo which means: to rest, to cease sorrow

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